When there is a major crisis in our communities, we must act and support one another.  The Flint, MI water crisis is an unfortunate and unacceptable issue that must be remedied.  Things like this take time to fix, but a simple solution for immediate support is to deliver LEAD WaterSafe drinking water test kits so that residents can test their own drinking water, which prevents unbiased or falsified information, and helps protect them from harm.  These kits “can detect even trace amounts of this potentially harmful impurity, commonly found in plumbing systems built prior to 1987. A genuine OE part, proudly made in the USA, this DIY kit provides you the accurate results you need in about ten minutes.”  Allowing residents to test their own water will also ensure them the peace of mind that has been stripped of them during this crisis.

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With your donation, we can ensure that the people of Flint, MI have access to clean water NOW, while the long term clean up is being planned by the powers that be.