A few take aways from today’s water crisis legal forum (thanks Omar):

The city of Flint is in bad shape, beyond bad. A large crowd of people filled the standing room only church, many of which bearing scars and noticeable skin irritation, and voicing concern about pre-existing chronic health conditions. The people in the city of Flint have not yet been given any solid or definite course of action for resolution. Many residents are extremely under informed on the issues and struggle to begin to even ask the appropriate questions to bring remedy simply because they are overwhelmed. The panel included local officials and councilmen (Eric Mays, Wantwaz Davis), Judge Greg Mathis serving as host, and representatives from the legal team of Willie Garey, and the personal attorney for Judge Mathis. They answered questions in an “okayish” manner in my opinion. The biggest take away for me was that to this day, there has been no documentation mailed out to the residents directly from the city informing them of the issues with pollution in the water. The question concerning this was answered with a resounding “no” from those in attendance, at which Judge Mathis cringed in disbelief.

It’s been well established now from several investigators that the level of pollution in the water is beyond anything that a water filter can handle. The advisories against it’s use for drinking, cooking, washing fruits and vegetables, and any ingestion have come from healthcare agencies, public media, and common sense people. While many have abstained from further use of the water for these purposes, many have continued to use the tap for bathing because they don’t have a remedy.

It’s nearly impossible to take a legal stance against the city without proper documentation and going through the proper channels of an established paper trail (medical records with diagnoses and blood test for lead, contractors notes, water bills, etc.). Any and all Flint city residence need to begin this process YESTERDAY. No course of action can be taken against the city for water bill reimbursement until proper documentation has gone through the process of discovery which includes written official documentation from the city of Flint, medical records, medical bills, water bills, contractor records, etc.. This is also important in the process of establishing “reasonable probability” to gain compensation for future health problems that may develop as a result of utilizing Flint Water services.

A similar forum like today’s is in the works to address health precautions and health risk. Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha of Hurley Medical Center, who was instrumental in sounding the alarm about high levels of lead being found in children of Flint, is expected to be in attendance.

Questions concerning legal matters can be fielded by The Mathis Community Center at 313-861-3555.