residents affected

the entire population of flint, mi has been affected by the negligence that cause the water crisis.

children affected

centers for disease control warns, “no safe blood level as many as 27,000 children in children has been identified.”

parts per billion

marc edwards of virginia tech found that the water had lead contents of 13,000 parts per billion — the epa suggests keeping lead content under 15 parts per billion. none of the 30 samples the family sent in were safe to drink.


It is imperative we get a potable water truck and gallon water containers to Flint, Mi residents.


let’s fix this asap!

When there is a major crisis in our communities, we must act and support one another.  The Flint, MI water crisis is an unfortunate and unacceptable issue that must be remedied now and until a healthy and sustainable fix is put into place!

lead effects are irreversible…

This is somewhat of an unprecedented situation. Usually when we talk about elevated blood-lead levels, it’s about an individual child or an individual family situation. Here you have a large, communal source of lead,” said Dr. Dean Sienko, associate dean for public health at Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine.

water truck

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5 gallon water jugs


water test kits